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Stencilling allows you to create
your own unique room but without too much effort. Once the initial cutting is complete, it's plain sailing, yet the results can be magnificent.

You can use Manila paper or an acetate-stencilling sheet. Both are available from the artists' suppliers. Alternatively you can buy stencils ready-made.

Small 50ml colour testers from Dulux are ideal for this decoration.

How to Stencil
Photocopy the required image to a size that suits your room. Stick the photocopied image to the stencil paper with a suitable adhesive such as low-tac spray adhesive, low- tac adhesive putty or low-tac masking tape (available from atrists suppliers) to hold in place and cut out image.

Use small amounts of putty to fix stencil close to the wall. Apply paint as

N.B. Remember to use a clean brush for each colour and dab excess paint onto scrap paper.

When completed peel back the stencil and repeat the process. Always keep the back of the stencil clean.

Top Tip
For extra special stencils use MySpace Glow in the Dark
or Shimmer paint.