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Introduce a touch of luxury to your room
by adding throws, fleeces and cushions that
pick out accent colours. These can be piled
on the bed. Beanbags are also a great,
inexpensive way of adding to your colour scheme.

Take a leaf out of the Changing Rooms' book and
give your room a new look by adding a new head
board for your bed. It can be re-covered in fabric
using a staple gun, or feel free to create your own
designs with some paint and MDF.

Create an interesting contemporary look on your walls by selecting shades of your favourite colour(s) and painting them in blocks on walls. If you have a number of colours and small areas to paint - use Dulux Colour testers that come in 50ml and cost less than 1.

Fed up of trying to cram new clothes into
a wardrobe that is bulging at the seams?.
Invest in under bed storage for seldom used
clothesand shoes. Lidded boxes and plastic
zipper bags won't break the bank
and should help to clear the clutter.

Small rooms can be greatly enhanced with
mirrors well positioned mirrors create a
feeling of depth and space.

To make your rooms look more spacious
avoid patterns that dominate when decor
-ating. Blinds rather than curtains will also
give your room a much more streamlined,
spacious look.